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Both the website and all information presented on it are of purely informative character. All information presented on the website is not an offer in terms of Civil Code regulations.

Accuracy of information

We do our best to provide accurate information and advice presented on the Laguna Mielno website at the time of their publication. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of involuntary or accidental errors.

We reserve ourselves the right to introduce anytime changes and corrections without notice. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies or negligence included on the website, and all decisions that are taken based on information and opinions included on the Laguna Mielno website are the sole responsibility of persons visiting this website.

Offers and special offers

The Laguna Mielno can from time to time inform on this website about offers, special offers and competitions that are subject to strictly defined conditions.

We do our best to present our object in a most accurate way. However, due to the continuous modernization of the object, adaptation to customers’ requirements and the binding legal regulations, the actual equipment of individual rooms can differ from the equipment of rooms presented in the photos.

The Laguna Mielno  is not responsible for any direct, indirect or secondary damages arisen in connection with usage of this website (including loss of income, loss of profit, loss of expected savings, additional or lost expenditures, loss of privacy or loss of data, etc.). Exemption from the liability named above, includes also viruses, files or software aimed at disturbance, restriction or destruction of functionality of any software, hardware, or telecommunication appliances, as well as materials conveyed with this website.