Dog stay regulation

Acceptance conditions

The basic condition for allowing a pet under our roof is reporting at the time of booking, that the guest is coming with an animal. This requirement results from the restricted number of rooms designed for pets’ accommodation. If we aren’t informed that the guests will be accompanied by animals, it is possible that we won’t be able to provide a vacant room and to allow the animal in the room. If the guest does not report to us that he is coming with a pet animal, the campsite owner can refuse accommodation and paying back the advance payment.

The stay of a pet is possible under condition, that it has a health book with valid vaccinations and confirmation of deworming. We don’t accept sick animals.

In order to grant security to our Guests and other animals staying on Laguna compound, we don’t accept dogs of races that are considered to be aggressive or dogs that are aggressive to other animals and people.

The fee for stay of an animal amounts to 20 PLN a day.

Noise and disturbance
Your dog can’t disturb other Guests staying on the camping compound. Make sure, please, that your pet does not make any noise, especially at night. In case of repeated complaints from other Guests we reserve the right to remove the animal from the object at the expenses of its owner.

Hygiene and cleanliness
Don’t let your dog lay on beds. Animals are not accepted in bathrooms. If the animal pollutes in any way the room or a commonly available room – you, as the owner, will be responsible for cleaning after him.

The area surrounding the guesthouse serves both you and other Guests for recreation; don’t let your pet make a toilet from it – as its owner you are responsible for cleaning the spot from your pet’s feces.

As the pet’s owner you are responsible for all damages and pollution caused by your animal. The costs of damages caused by the animal are paid by the person taking care of it

Your dog has to be supervised all the time during its stay in Laguna area. In order to show respect for other Guests you are requested to always keep your dog on a leash. It is forbidden to take animals to the commonly available kitchen and to the children’s playground.

Don’t leave your pet in the room longer than it results from its individual physiological needs. If we have reasonable suspicions that the animal that has been left in the room disturbs the stay of other Guests, destroys object’s property or can cause danger for itself or other Guests, we will contact you in order to solve that problem. If the contact is not possible, we reserve the right to enter the Guest’s room and remove the animal from the object.